From structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics to injection molding simulation and advanced, cloud-enabled capabilities powered by Abaqus, SOLIDWORKS® and 3DEXPERIENCE® Works Simulation provide integrated analysis tools for every designer, engineer, and analyst./

Structural Simulation

Structural Simulation solutions available to SOLIDWORKS users provide a comprehensive set of structural analysis capabilities to guide design decisions and improve product performance and quality

  • CAD-embedded structural analysis solutions using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict real-life performance
  • Easy to use, comprehensive capabilities solve everything from a simple linear analysis of single components to complete simulations of full assemblies with contact and non-linearities
  • Cloud-enabled solutions deliver access to powerful, proven, and scalable Abaqus technology from SIMULIA
  • Understand product performance early in the design process to innovate more and avoid rework


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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Perform fluid flow and heat transfer simulation to improve quality and avoid manufacturing issues

  • Explore fluid flow and thermal performance of products to accelerate product innovation
  • A wide range of capabilities provides tools to easily predict steady-state and long transient flow and thermal behavior of products
  • Fully integrated multidisciplinary environment to quickly and easily conduct CFD analyses
  • Collaborate with project stakeholders around fluid flow simulation results for informed decisions


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Electromagnetics Simulation

Easily analyze and optimize electromagnetic components and systems design and placement for maximum performance and reliability. Study the impact of both low and high frequency electromagnetic waves on product and system behaviors.

  • Perform electromagnetics analysis, including optimization of antennas and microwave components (e.g. filters, connectors, etc.) as well as electro-mechanical devices (e.g. motors and generators) to reduce time-to-market.
  • Minimize the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) risks and the exposure of the human body to electromagnetic fields to ensure the device passes the required legal certification tests.
  • Provide the most powerful methods such as the unique finite integration technique (FIT), the classical finite element method (FEM) and the transmission line matrix method (TLM), even for hybrid simulations
  • Deliver unprecedented simulation reliability through cross-verification to avoid device malfunctions, warranty claims, and recalls.


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Plastics Injection Molding Simulation

Predict and avoid manufacturing defects in plastic part and injection molding designs, eliminating costly rework, improving part quality, and decreasing time to market

  • Virtually assess the manufacturability and quality of injection molded part designs and tooling
  • Leverage easy-to-use simulation to reduce development time and costs
  • Evaluate effectiveness of mold colling system designs for the right technical insights at the right time
  • Maintain associativity with SOLIDWORKS CAD data and workflows


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